Hoda Sha`arawi هدى شعراوي‎

Egypt, an antic land of pharaohs, pyramids. Over the years, the glory and the beauty of Cleopatras’ and Nafertiti have been commonly exemplified. It is also the country of Hoda Sha`arawi. In today’s Egypt, women can buy their own clothes from the stores, remarkably Hoda Sha`arawi was the first one to show her independence by entering a department store in Alexandria to buy her own clothes instead of having them brought to her home in 1900s.

When the revolution president Mohamed Morsi was at height, I met Basma Fathy, Aya Alaa el Fallah, Mariam Mosad, Mariam Abo el Magd, Dina khaled; photographer, painter, sales officer, model and singer. Subtle changes can be sensed in their usual, tedious daily life’s practice. Veil, reinforced by the religion and politics were being questioned and the stereotypical concept, “idyllic women” was reconstructed.

I started to track the new age Hoda Sha`arawis’.