From A Barren Land

It was a lazy afternoon when I reached Nanthar Myaing village. The villagers were having their nap inside the bamboo huts. Children were throwing water to each other while the scorching sun over the head was not showing any sign of calming down.
“We had to sell our own land to move here. This land is infertile, so they gave it to us” said Daw Khin Than, a 65 years old woman who lives in the Nanthar Myaing village for twenty-four years. The village, situated in Madaya Township, is locally known as the resettlement village for the leprosy affected people.

The dusty roads and less number of big trees had made the village look cruel, bare and depressing.It is the tale from that barren land, the people who live there, relationship between the land and them; their adaptation toward the disability of feeling pain, their love and faith for the new generation to bring changes.