Sadia Marium’s past works were based on the nature and the human being; bond and the battle. However, it has been altered slowly into psychological depiction, nonlinear style of storytelling.  Her photography series may appear as a fragment of a scene from a motion film, irrelevant, banal however these are connected and offers a discontent feeling.

Clichés, social codes and noise are repetitively dissected, questioned and encountered through Sadia’s works. To illustrate the violence of sensualisation, complexity of human body, distraction, perplexity of time & denseness; she exposes confrontation, imbalance and dichotomy in subtle, indecisive & sometimes in repetitive manner. Her approach is profoundly depending on the process of creating photographs, video, performance art, alternative printing method, enactment of text and sound.

Collaborating with another artist, Marium is exploring Performance art. Their content deals with Identity, body, symbols, violence, gender politics etc. She participated in various group exhibition like: “ERROR” in Britto Arts & Trusts on January 2016 Dhaka, Bangladesh,“Days Untitled” was exhibited in Chobi Mela VIII (2015) Dhaka, Bangladesh, “The Interior, The Ordinary Interior” exhibited in Kotti Shop- “Magnetische Felder” (May 2016) Kottbusser Tör, Berlin, Germany, “From A Barren Land” in the slideshow of 10th Angkor Photo Festival (2014), Cambodia.